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We aim to ensure the asset of water, with stability, reliability & responsibility.

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The Company is active in the study, design, supervision, construction, maintenance, operation and management of projects and supplies: electromechanical, construction, hydraulic, remote control and remote management, telemetry, automatic reading systems (AMR), information technology and customization of software for special applications, leak detection - recording - measurement and repair systems for network leakage and hydraulic automation, water supply - sewerage - natural gas networks.
"Thita-Fi S.A." as a member of the "Olympios Group", has years of experience in the implementation of public contracts and technical projects and is committed to ensuring quality and adherence to schedules.

Services provided


Upgrading of internal and external distribution networks for drinking water, urban wastewater, other fluids and flood protection infrastructure, mapping, hydraulic solution and zoning of networks, monitoring, and telemetric management of critical operating parameters.

Electronic equipment

Design and installation of all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment including smart data collection and transmission systems with all available innovative technologies (LoraWan, Wireless MBus, IoT, 4G, Ethernet, etc.) and monitoring them in a single platform and application (Smart city).

Electromechanical (E/M)

Design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of electromechanical equipment, remote control and automatic reading systems in fluid networks, civil protection systems.

Industrial - Energy

Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources, design, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of equipment to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, networks, other facilities.


Earthmoving, construction, and other related work on public and private projects.

Water & Liquid & Gaseous Waste Treatment

Design, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of intelligent systems for the purification and treatment of water, wastewater, other fluids, and equipment for monitoring quantitative and qualitative parameters.

Green Projects

Providing consultancy services for the creation, amplification, upgrading and management of public spaces and green areas. Green interventions in the urban sites to improve environmental conditions and accessibility.

Road construction

Construction of small engineering works, excavation, shaping and rehabilitation of road surfaces with compacted material, cementing and asphalting.

Port projects

Port infrastructure services.

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